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Other Expansion Joints

Rectangular Expansion Joints Rectangular & square bellows may be rounded corner, single – double miter corner, or camera corner. Type REJ bellows are available with a large range of options including liners, (overs, tie rods, hinges, purge or drain points and externally pressurized systems. Flexible hoses Jord Bellows can manufacture and supply flexible hoses in corrugated stainless steel or PTFE with a smooth or corrugated bore. Flexible hoses are used primarily to eliminate the effect of vibration and misalignment. Jord Bellows can supply flexible hoses with a wide range of end connections. Sizes can vary from 10mm to 300mm in diameter for convoluted metallic and 6mm to 50mm diameter for PTFE. PFTE/Teflon expansion joints Jord can supply and manufacture PTFE and PTFE lined stainless steel expansion joints. The PTFE lined bellows are manufactured locally in our workshop. We can also supply antistatic PTFE bellows with sleeves in different configurations, such as angular and lateral type. This type of bellows allows for the compensation of: > Vibration > Themal strain and expansion > Axial and radial movement and due to the outstanding chemical resistance, are mostly used in aggressive media services. This type of bellows are manufactured from 25nb to 1500nb. The allowable operating pressure is dependent on design, dimension and service temperature, which is between -10 deg C and +150 deg C. Fabric expansion joints Jord Bellows manufacture and supply fabric expansion joints for a wide range of applications and in a wide range of sizes and materials complete with associated steel work. Fabric expansion joints are often used in hot gas off take ducting. Jord can supply fabric expansion joints for use in seNices up to 1000 deg C. Fabric expansion joints can be manufactured with a range of fabric types including high density materials that can assist in noise reduction. Jord can also offer site services to assist in the installation of these types of joints. Thick walled expansion joints Thick walled expansion joints for shell and tube heat exchangers, for supporting duct work, and other applications are also available. Other Specialist Designs Jord Bellows, as Australia’s leading designer and manufacturer of expansion bellows, has the capability and experience to supply specialist designs for solving the most complex design problems. Attachments: 1. Other Expansion Joints
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