Top Entry Mixer

  • Custom designed impeller technology.
  • CFD and FEA analysis.
  • Wet ends constructed in suitable corrosion resistant materials including Stainless Steel and High alloy SS.
  • Low Operational costs resulting in low life cycle cost.
  • Raised baseplates to allow access to the drive coupling during installation & maintenance.
  • Carbon steel hot dipped galvanised raised baseplates.
  • Epoxy coated carbon steel wet ends.


  • Our impellers have strong axial flows that allow for sufficient off -bottom spacing to ensure the impeller does not become trapped in settled solids during process shutdowns.
  • These impellers host many advantages including greatly reducing gearbox shaft stresses, higher flow for lower wear rates and improves handling capabilities.
  • Our polymer mixers are specialised to account for variations such as forms, concentrations and viscosities
  • We understand and can design for the varying mixing intensities requiring different chemicals.
  • Our most common choice for a potable water process, is 304 or 316 stainless steel.

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