Progressive Cavity Pump Subtor is an expert in the production of progressive cavity pumps. The types shown below are representative of progressive cavity pumps we have designed based on customer needs. A progressive cavity pump is a positive displacement pump that features a wide range of applications, including the transportation of mediums within 45% of solid content, and a maximum viscosity of 1 million mPas. Whether it’s sludge, chemicals, adhesives, oil, pulp, or yogurt, our progressive cavity pumps can complete the delivery of the needed medium in a quick, efficient manner. Subtor offers wide range of progressive cavity pumps and components. A progressive cavity pump is a type of positive displacement pump, also known as an eccentric screw pump. With German-supported technology and rich marketing resources, Subtor provides quality PCP pumps with custom solutions for global clients. Applications The S class progressive cavity pump is designed and produced to transport any medium including water. The mediums with solid content up to 45% can also be pumped. The main pumping applications are listed below: 1. Food processing plant: delivering honey, maltose, dairy products, beverages, etc. 2. Sewage treatment plant: transport of desulphurized sewage, sludge, etc. 3. Chemical plant: transportation of ink, pigments, optical fiber ointments, etc. Subtor General Brochure
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