Side Entry Mixer

Our side entry mixers consists of various ranges.

A Direct Drive side entry mixer for smaller simpler applications that do not require complicated sealing arrangements.

The mixers are simple pedestal mixers incorporating a shut-off device for easy seal maintenance, mounted horizontally with the seal arrangement of customer’s preference.

Alternatively, a V-belt driven side entry mixer incorporating a shut-off device for easy seal maintenance. This is extensively used in Pulp and Paper applications and range from 5.5kW to 45kW.

We also offer a heavy duty series which caters specifically for the oil and petro-chemical storage industry. Utilising HA711 impeller, we have the capability of mixing tanks well over 60m in diameter.

Applications include: Bottom Sludge and Water, Homogeneity, Fuel Blending up to 5cPs and Oil Blending Above 5cPs.

Swivel Mount Mixers: Used in Bottom Sludge and Water (BS&W) applications the swivel angle feature enables the side entry mixer to be moved 30 degrees to the left and right so that the flow from the impeller can be directed over a greater arc across the tank floor. This variation in fluid flow produces a greater swept volume, thereby reducing the amount of settled material on the tank floor. This ensures that the heavy solids, corrosive salts and water that accumulate over time on the tank floor are maintained in permanent suspension.


Optionally, Gear Driven Side Entry Mixer is available in seven sizes from 4.0 kW up to 90 kW with torque capacity up to 50000 Nm and is more efficient.


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