Sanitary Static Mixer

The PRIMIX sanitary static mixers are custom made mixers, suitable for use in the foodstuff, dairy, and drinks industry. With their sanitary design and 316L construction, they offer great performance in the field of mixing and homogenisation. The sanitary mixers can be dimensioned for virtually any volume flow, density, viscosity, and other specific product characteristics. Maintenance-free mixers Predictable homogeneity CIP cleaned quickly and effectively Very low pressure drops

Basic features

Sanitary static mixers are suitable for the following, and many other, applications:

Foodstuff production:

  • Homogenising product temperatures after a heat exchanger in a production line for sauces.
  • Controlled cooling and mixing of pastas and sauces.
  • Mixing tomato concentrate and water into a sauce base with the desired viscosity.
  • Temperature homogenization of curd cheese after heat exchanger.
  • Marbling of products.
  • Pasteurising and cooling sauces.
  • Homogenising the temperature of chocolate after the tempering machine.
  • Mixing colouring or flavouring into chocolate, fondant or marshmallow.
  • Rework melters for margarine production lines.
  • Mixing sugar-based syrups and water into a desired Brix value.
  • But also: Producing CIP liquid.

Drinks production:

  • Decreasing product degradation in juices by mixing in nitrogen.
  • Carbonising by mixing in CO2.
  • Mixing juice concentrates and water.
  • Mixing coffee concentrates and water.

Dairy production:

  • Pre-mixer for the homogeniser.
  • Pre-mixer for spray tower.
  • Mixing pieces of fruit into yogurt.
  • Temperature homogenisation after a heat exchanger in ice production.
  • As a heat exchanger in the UHT lines for viscous medical foodstuffs.

Mixer design

The PRIMIX sanitary static mixers can be manufactured from, among others, the following materials:
  • Stainless Steel; 316L(1.4404) , 304L(1.4307), 321(1.4541), 316Ti (1.4571)
  • PTFE (with FDA approval)
  • PP Food grade
  • Do you require specific materials? Please contact us.
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