What is FlowVis®?

FlowVis® is the most advanced, affordable, and reliable flowmeter designed specifically for pools, spas, fountains, and water features. Ingenious in concept and flawless in operation, FlowVis®is a revolution in reliable flow measurement. FlowVis® allows you to set your pump’s speeds correctly to optimize filtration performance, backwash water consumption and guarantee maximal energy savings. Unique Benefits
  • Maintains accuracy even with air in the system.
  • Will not stick, bounce, or provide inaccurate readings of flow.
  • Can be installed right next to other fittings with 0 effect on accuracy.
  • Can be installed horizontally, vertically or even upside-down!
  • Incredibly robust, and designed with 15+ year lifespan.

Key Product Features

  • Provides the most reliable flow measurement in m3/h
  • Unique patented design: Flowmeter + non return valve
  • Installs quickly and easily with no calibration required
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