Dryden Daisy

The biological approach to pool water treatment

Bacteria and other pathogens in swimming pools cause a lot of problems:
  • Risk of infections
  • Formation of biofilm in the filter that lowers filtration and backwash performance
  • Toxic air conditions and chlorine smell
  • Raising operating costs (backwash, chemical consumption, filter media exchange)
Traditional water treatment tries to solve this problem with high doses of chlorine, UV, or ozone. But bacterial growth is a biological problem and therefore needs a biological solution: Dryden DAISY®!

Prevent bacterial growth instead of killing bacteria!

Dryden DAISY® is the Dryden Aqua integrated swimming pool water treatment system that prevents the growth of bacteria and pathogens and minimises the need for chlorine and other disinfectants. It is based on three principles:
  1. No substrate: Sand is a natural breeding ground for bacteria. Our AFM® is fully resistant to biofouling, therefore bacteria have no substrate on which they can grow and multiply.
  2. No nutrients: Mechanical filtration alone cannot remove most nutrients from bacteria. Our advanced coagulation, flocculation, and filtration process will remove nutrients from the water so bacteria cannot grow.
Lowest chlorine demand: Dryden DAISY®can filter all particles down to 0.1 micron reducing chlorine demand and the formation of harmful disinfection by-products to the lowest level possible.

Dryden DAISY®consists of three elements

Step 1: Filtration with AFM®
Our bio-resistant filter media offers incredible filtration performance and outlasts all other filter media. Read More
Step 2: Coagulation and flocculation with APF® and ZPM
Enables sub-micron filtration of bacteria and particles for crystal clear and safe water. Dramatically lowers oxidation demand and offers a safe barrier against bacteria and other pathogens. Read More
Step 3: ACO® boosts the natural power of the sun and protects chlorine from UV light
A highly innovative, eco-friendly liquid product most effective in any outdoor pool, including saltwater pools. May be used as part of Dryden DAISY® or by itself. Read More
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