Corossion Solution

Corroless Corrosion Inhibitors​

Corroless Corrosion Inhibitors work by continuously releasing a vapour with powerful anti-corrosion properties. The CCI conditions an enclosed atmosphere with a protective vapour, which excludes oxygen and moisture from the substrate, halting the process of corrosion. On contact with metal, the vapour forms a monomolecular film on the surface, creating an ionically insulating barrier between the substrate and the environment and thus preventing the corrosion process. The film is re-healing and self-replenishing through further vapour release. The vapour also migrates to all recessed areas and cavities and condenses on all metal surfaces forming a thin monomolecular film on the metal surface. Corroless Corrosion Inhibitors are highly effective at protecting both ferrous and non-ferrous metals and can be used to prevent dissimilar metal corrosion. They do not impair conductivity or magnetic properties, nor do they react with plastic or rubber components. They are an ideal choice for protection of complex and inaccessible equipment, where it would be impractical to use a conventional coating. The Corroless Corrosion Inhibitor principle has been incorporated into a wide range of media including powder, oils, greases, waxes, and water-based products offering easy-to-use protection for virtually all applications enabling the protection of simple spare parts to mothball complicated shore platforms and equipment. A concise and detailed technical assistance, equipment surveys, and full preservation proposals can be provided upon request. Each system can be individually designed to meet the parameters of performance demanded by a specific application. In this way the protection provided will be the most appropriate in terms of both cost and effectiveness.
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