Bathtub (T Type) Strainers

A range of simple Strainers intended for service similar to Temporary Conical Strainers but with their own element housing. Specifically designed for location into a pipework system that cannot be split to extract the screen after commissioning is complete, or where the strainer is to be left installed as an additional permanent safeguard. Units may be flanged or welded into the line and the screen is extracted through the branch opening. Each unit is provided with a flanged cover. Bathtub strainers may also be installed as a permanent strainer for removal of coarse particles or where contamination is minimal. Sizes: 6″ – 24″ BN as standard. Materials: Body: Carbon steel, stainless steel, 90/10 Cupro nickel alloy, 6MO High alloy stainless steel. Screen: Mild steel, stainless steel, or special alloy as requested
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