AD Air Operated Diaphragm Pump

Albin Pump has developed and patented a revolutionary AODD pump.

The AODD is a compact diaphragm pump that is able to be mounted in any orientation, to fit in the tightest spaces.

Critical components can be quickly accessed while still connected in-line, reducing downtime. The improved valve design has resulted in a reduction in sound during operation.



The Albin AD pump is designed for a large capacity and long service life. Compared to traditional AODD pumps, it offers 70% lower pulsation, 30-50 % lower air consumption, noise reduction, and 3–5 times longer operation time between service intervals.

The compact outer measurements and capability to install the pump upside down, sideways or vertically means flexibility during installation and set up. What’s more, it is designed so that all vital parts are easily accessible without having to remove the pump from the pipe system, greatly minimizing downtime.

All of these improvements result in lower operational costs, reduced cost for spare parts and improved overall economy.



Advantages of our AD air operated double diaphragm pump:

  • Revolutionary air valve design and central flow technique
  • Less pulsation (-70%)*
  • Lower air consumption (-35%)*
  • Lower maintenance costs*
  • Longer diaphragm lifetime (3-5 times)*
  • Compact design and low weight
  • Total flexibility in installation – easy to integrate
  • Easy service – less downtime – lower lifecycle cost
  • More cost-effective solutions for both OEM manufacturers and end users

*Relative to industry competitors



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