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PFM Engineering Pte Ltd was established in Singapore in 1983, and PFM Engineering Sdn Bhd was established in 1989.  As an engineering trading company, we are able to supply a complete range of equipment for most Pumping, Filtration and Mixing applications including, but not limited to, hydrocarbons, vegetable oils, marine and many other chemical products.

We are also able to provide complete systems for Automatic Crude Oil and Finished Product Sampling as well as system designed process packages for additive injection and Blending and Metering applications.

PFM activities also include the supply of Water and Sludge Treatment Equipment, Electrical Heat Tracing Systems, Hydraulically Operated Emergency Shut-Down Systems, GD Quick Closure and Pigging Equipment.


PFM’s responsibility is to provide equipment and systems, and ensure once supplied and installed, they operate in accordance with the engineering specification against which they were supplied.


Our objective is to contribute to the growth of PFM Engineering as well as the growth of Singapore & Malaysia, and to ensure that our growth considers the well being of the environment in which we live.


While defending a satisfactory differentiated market position for its products in the non Oil and Gas Industry in South East Asia, PFM Engineering is committed to the penetration of the Oil and Gas Industry so as to become a serious competitor within its present area of expertise.


Further incremental growth is sought through development of broader based technical knowledge, computerised equipment selection programs and additional agency agreements that complement the special competencies of the Company.

We trust we will have the continual support from our present and future Customers and Principals.

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